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What we do

At HPM – High Performance Method, we are committed to the research and development of new high-tech evaluation and training methods, aimed at both sport and personal wellness.

We design, engineer and deploy state-of-the-art biometric devices for the evaluation and control of the person, both in local and remote environments. These tools allow us to precisely and individually monitor the performance and progress of athletes and users.

We develop and use high-tech proprietary equipment for the dedicated training, also for people with disabilities.

We offer specialised training programmes for professionals, introducing our therapeutic and methodological approach. The HPM Academy is where we share our knowledge and expertise with those seeking to improve the performance and health of their customers, students, trainees and recent graduates.

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Our Value Drivers

Laboratory for functional assessment

With a high scientific content aimed at estimating and monitoring the individual as a whole, highlighting a numerical gender-specific identity to guide the health pathway.

Proprietary AI software

Capable of self-learning, processing and predicting each individual’s path, consisting of a database that is enriched every day, increasing its effectiveness and accuracy. The reliability of the data, guaranteed by our ongoing collaboration with the best universities, derives from the strength of the algorithms that drive the intelligence of the software.

Therapeutic purposes

Method for implementing training protocols for therapeutic purposes. In line with the curative role that science assigns to physical activity, but with a holistic approach as well. Through our technologies we are able to identify the cause (not the effect) of any problems (diseases), which are often not considered urgent (sub-health), such as back problems, joint problems, incorrect foot placement, knee discomfort… Latent problems that are the prelude to more serious injuries.


Customised approach

Each training and rehabilitation programme is tailored to meet the individual needs. Thanks to our advanced biometric devices, we offer a high level of customisation.

Further services

We offer comprehensive solutions for sports injury rehabilitation, tailor-made training programmes and specific reathletisation activities. In addition, we offer injury prevention and provide health management services for those seeking personal wellness.

Health network

We provide HPM customers with a comprehensive health network, which includes a Medical Director, a Rehabilitation Manager, a Motor Area Manager and an Evaluation Area Manager. This guarantees comprehensive assistance for recovery, performance enhancement and injury prevention.

Our services

A complete course to develop the customer’s athletic potential to the full by connecting body and mind.

HPM High Performance Method

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