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The corporate market is constantly evolving and requires companies to adopt innovative and competitive solutions for the wellbeing of their employees. Wellbeing is not only a question of physical health, but also of motivation, productivity, organisational climate and corporate reputation.

We offer companies an integrated and customised solution based on three key services: Welfare, Corporate Gym and Team Building.

We are the ideal partner for companies that want to invest in their employees’ health, offering them an innovative and differentiating solution that makes them more satisfied, motivated and productive.



This is based on the concept of wellness, i.e. the overall wellbeing of the person, which includes physical activity, proper nutrition and a positive mental approach.

Corporate Gym

We enable employees to train in a personalised, effective and safe manner. HPM’s Corporate Gym is also a space for socialising and gathering, promoting psychological and relational wellbeing among employees.

Team Building

We organise team building activities for companies, aimed at strengthening the team spirit, and the collaboration, communication and creativity of employees.

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Join us and discover a new kind of wellness.

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