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Evaluation & Monitoring

To develop professional and amateur sporting activity


The evaluation service offers a comprehensive and detailed analysis that is designed for professional athletes and sports enthusiasts.
It is the starting point of the performance or therapeutic path as it identifies the areas to focus on and allows the training approach to be customised.



Constantly following the daily improvements is the only way to build a unique work programme. Our approach to monitoring is realised through a customised dashboard that manages all key performance parameters. This next-generation telemetry shifts the focus onto the athlete, offering a detailed, real-time overview of his or her progress.

All statistics are accessible within a dedicated login area that allows the continuous exchange of feedback and guidance necessary for training and its verification. Two-way communication is essential to adapt the training programme to the changing needs and ensure optimal results over time.

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The functional evaluation tests we carry out

Stabilometry - Postural Analysis

Pupillometry - Readiness

Strength - Pure Biomechanics

Movement Analysis - NASM

Body Composition - Bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA)

Fatigue States - Thermography

Core and Back

Aerobic Evaluation and Gait Analysis (Reax running)

Reactivity - Reaxing Lights


Dedicated assistance

In addition to monitoring, we provide dedicated assistance. Our team is always ready to answer questions, in order to provide additional support and maximise the benefits of the training course.

Customised assessment

Each assessment is designed to meet the specific needs and requirements of each customer. A full report is given with precise and detailed indications of the methods the customer is required to use to achieve his or her goals.

Continuous innovation

We are committed to the continuous innovation of our monitoring services and to staying abreast of technological developments as we work together to achieve the athlete’s goals.

Develop and train your potential

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