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The new logo of HPM: reflections on well-being

We are not afraid of change. New challenges give us vital energy. Goals provide us with a reason to continue researching, to delve deep into the relationship between body, environment, and state of being. Like the greatest athletes, however, it is important to sometimes pause and understand if we are heading in the right direction, if the chosen path still holds meaning. After over fifteen years of experience, we felt the need to reflect on wellbeing. Indeed, on “well-being.”

We realized that the concept of “feeling well” has taken on a new meaning: no longer a state that includes mind and body, but a veritable ecosystem that disruptively enters our daily lives. The frenzy imposed by modern living leads people to lose themselves in the often unhealthy dynamics of reality. This interrupts the natural path towards achieving the emotional, mental, physical, and social well-being that we strive for throughout our existence. But to truly feel well, one must find time to fully exist, with mind and body, in the environment we live in.

Mind, body, environment. We have come full circle, back to the starting point that led to the birth of the High Performance Method. A foundation that we feel the need to protect and strengthen even more. From this awareness, a new logo has emerged, representing the evolution of the High Performance Method and enhancing our mission: to provide athletes of all levels with essential tools, including technology, to achieve balance.

A clean and readable line divides the circle of human existence into the three elements that define it: body, state of being, and territory, held together by all those daily habits that lead us to well-being. A transformation that highlights our work.