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Erica Dugnani

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ERICA DUGNANI: when willpower makes a difference

Erica is a splendid example of dedication to sport. Starting from her background, we can get a better understanding of who she is. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Languages from the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, a Master’s Degree in Communication for Business, Media and Complex Organisations, with inter-faculty courses in Economics, Sociology, Humanities and Philosophy, and finally an IAA International Diploma in Marketing and Communication. The final works in all of her studies involved sport and integration.

Her sports record includes a bronze medal in snowboarding, in the cross speciality, at the 2019 Winter Deaflympics. Today, Erica lives the triathlon in a new sporting dimension that combines life as a couple, the desire to always excel at a high level and physical activity as a path to wellbeing.

Erica shares her passion with the staff at HPM, to whom she turns for specific training sessions, to recover from heavy workloads and simply to pass on her strength and testimony to those she works with.


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Consisting of initial performance monitoring to assess and enhance the athlete’s abilities.

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Customised and constantly updated with the athlete’s fitness status.

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A service that develops medical, therapeutic and nutritional advice.

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