The importance of functional assessment: the workshop at Canottieri Olona 1894Talent, Performance, and Evolution through Athlete Monitoring and ControlAt Palazzo Fiuggi, High Performance Method’s Fitness 2.0


Talent, Performance, and Evolution through Athlete Monitoring and Control

Surrounding ice skating, particularly figure skating, we gathered the scientific insights of a diverse panel of speakers to emphasize the importance of monitoring in enhancing athletes’ performance.

In collaboration with the Ice Sports Federation, during the Italian Junior Championships on February 3rd, the workshop “Talent, Performance, and Evolution through Athlete Monitoring and Control” represented the intention to share our methodological approach, which we plan to replicate for various disciplines in a series of technically-oriented meetings. Beyond the transfer of skills, both ours and those of the different speakers, the dialogue with the audiences, composed of individuals interested in the proposed topics, was significant in this first occasion and subsequent ones.

Topics such as the complexity of the body and its biochemical processes, the athlete’s health in a performance setting, performance model, functional assessment, and considerations on strength were developed in Varese, thanks to the contributions of Davide Tornese, Giorgio Ripamonti, Francesco Galvanin, and Stefano Maldifassi. The event concluded with a focus on dryland training practices, led by Luca Temperini, Lorenzo Marchei, and Martina Nobis.