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Riccardo Magrini

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Riccardo Magrini: pedalling toward wellness

Riccardo Magrini is a true icon of Italian cycling, both as a rider and as a commentator. His professional career began in 1977, and has left an indelible mark on the world of two-wheeled racing ever since. Magrini can boast a prestigious stage victory in both the Giro d’Italia and Tour de France, an achievement that few Italians have achieved and that has made him a hero in the eyes of cycling fans.

After his athletic career, Riccardo embarked on his career as a coach, working with some of the most important teams in the world, helping to train young talents such as Giovanni Visconti, Marco Pantani and Mario Cipollini. In 2005, he left the competitive environment for good to devote himself to sports reporting. He is currently a cycling sports commentator and pundit for Eurosport and his voice conveys genuine emotions to all fans of the sport, who understand the hard work and determination.

Now, Riccardo has to recover his health and return to full fitness. After some difficulties encountered along life’s pathway, he decided to turn to the professionals at HPM to return to his best physical condition. With targeted training and constant monitoring of his progress, Magrini will be able to face the challenges ahead with determination and confidence.


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Consisting of initial performance monitoring to assess and enhance the athlete’s abilities.

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Customised and constantly updated with the athlete’s fitness status.

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A service that develops medical, therapeutic and nutritional advice.

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