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PPR TEAM: performance and wellbeing for all athletes

PPR Team is a sports club that caters to both top athletes and amateurs of all ages, with a focus on endurance sports such as cycling, running, swimming and triathlon. Caring about performance takes into account every aspect, from the organisation of events to training scheduling, from technical equipment to managing the athlete’s image, always with a focus on respect for teamwork and a spirit of sacrifice.

HPM provides PPR with a service dedicated to athletes’ wellbeing and performance. Short-, medium- and long-term customised scheduling is part of a comprehensive course of action that starts with an initial physical assessment and proceeds with constant monitoring and continuous remote follow-up, leading to medical and therapeutic support. There are also daily outings with professional cyclists and runners who support HPM’s work to improve tonic-postural balance, highlighting major deficiencies and compensations, and providing the best tools to optimise performance.


Initial medical history

The first step is to collect the athlete’s sports history, health and physical condition and provide the support of a dedicated medical team from HPM’s health network.

Biomechanical assessment

With observations focusing on posture, baropodometry, gait analysis, dynamics, kinematics and power tests.

Direct reporting

A complete report of the numerical data obtained from the medical devices used, with a detailed and constant analysis of the key parameters observed and precise guidelines on solutions and corrective actions, thanks to HPM’s proprietary AI software.

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