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Kronplatz: the importance of attention to every detail

The Kronplatz Racing Centre is an international team that is committed to the development and growth of national and international skiers, actively participating in European Cup, World Cup, World Championship and Olympic competitions. HPM plays a crucial role in the field of preparation and assessment by providing specific individual courses for each athlete.

HPM’s contribution extends throughout the entire competitive season, with three annual assessments that allow direct interaction with coaches and technicians to supervise athletic preparation. This approach makes it possible to monitor trends in key performance and structural data. The ability to numerically analyse the identity of each skier promotes the growth and development of each talent, allowing coaches to have a better understanding of the athletes’ potential, including from a medical point of view.


Initial medical history

The first stage is to collect the athlete’s sporting, health and condition history.

Comprehensive biomechanical assessment

With observations focusing on posture, baropodometry, gait analysis, dynamics and kinematics.

Direct reporting

With a complete report of numerical data obtained from the medical devices used. Detailed analysis of the key parameters observed and precise guidelines on solutions and corrective actions, thanks to HPM’s proprietary AI software.

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