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At Palazzo Fiuggi, High Performance Method’s Fitness 2.0

Palazzo Fiuggi, a leading wellness, medical, and diagnostic center, has chosen High Performance Method to expand the offerings reserved for guests at the wellness medical spa. Born from the forward-thinking vision of Lorenzo Giannuzzi, Palazzo Fiuggi is the perfect setting to rediscover balance and achieve the well-being we naturally seek.

The structure, an example of architectural virtuosity in Liberty style, is situated on a hill surrounded by an 8.5-hectare private park. A true oasis of peace where one can find nourishment for the soul and enjoy the unique beneficial properties of Fiuggi water, renowned for its scientifically proven purifying action. Here resides the science of regeneration, which combines holistic disciplines with traditional Western medicine to ensure patients live a long and fulfilling life. This purpose is shared by High Performance Method, which embraces a new vision of wellness where individuals are guided throughout the entire journey with personalized therapeutic training based on functional and biometric tests conducted in the initial phase.

Among the offerings for Palazzo Fiuggi guests are the new high-tech assessment and training methods designed to achieve peak sports performance and psychophysical well-being. The results of rehabilitation stays are enhanced by the use of the Assessment Lab, a patented software by High Performance Method that, based on the data collected during the journey, can provide precise responses to the individual’s needs.